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PC Access

Restrict access points and protect your entire network.

It doesn’t take much to get into someone’s computer. Unfortunately, people leave their computers unlocked and their doors open all too often. Anyone could just walk up and gain access to sensitive information on the network without having to authenticate. Safeguard your business from computer security breaches by using fingerprint readers and auto-locking rules to ensure absolute authentication before granting access to highly restricted computers such as servers or even on all your devices in the office.

Computer Access Protection
  • Laptops, Desktops, Tablets
  • Servers, Network Access Points
  • Conference Rooms, Secretary Computer, Receptionist Computer, Managers
  • Home Office Protection
  • Special Printers, Special Function Computers
  • Protect Your Information

Compliance Standards

Are you ready for an Audit? Let us help you get and stay compliant.

Businesses that deal with sensitive information such as credit cards, social security numbers or even “secret ingredients” have a duty to protecting the information. Many companies are faced with meeting compliance standards like PCI compliance in order to conduct business. With the heightened awareness of fraud and identity theft, the slightest security breach could destroy the credibility of a company and greatly impact their business. As new technologies emerge it becomes a constant battle to safeguard from potential vulnerabilities. From wireless access points and blue tooth connections to unlocked computer screens and open doors. Let Digital South help your company meet its security standards and protect sensitive information it handles.

  • Server Room, Wireless Network Access
  • Dangerous Equipment
  • Confidential Records
  • Lawyers, Medical Offices, Data Centers, Manufacturing Plants
  • Insurance Requirements, Standards Compliance
Medical Records

Restricting Building Access

Restricted Access to Server Room
Protect your employees, expensive equipment and sensitive information.

We’ve all seen the headlines in the news – irate customers or disgruntled ex-employees re-entered the building to cause tremendous harm to employees and company property. Restricting building access using card readers or finger print readers can help to prevent such horrific events from happening in the business place. Whether you are trying to restrict innocent attempts to open a private door or to prevent malicious efforts to compromise a room or building, we have cutting edge technologies that can be employed in your workplace to ensure the maximum security you’re looking for that will help protect your business and your employees.

  • Protect Sensitive Information
  • Keep Employees Safe
  • Restrict Access to Special Equipment
  • Temporary Access for Contractors
  • No More Keys for Employees

Accountability of Employee Shifts

Keep Employees Accountable – Simplify Time Tracking

The old punch card to clock in and clock out is extremely out dated. Even electronic time tracking solutions can be tricked by sharing employee logins or slipping the badge to get swiped at the badge reader to avoid being late. With advanced technologies such as finger print readers and retina scanners (on the way), business owners can be certain their employees are working their shift and not taking excessive breaks or long lunches.

  • No More Cheating the System
  • Simplify Time Tracking
  • Full Accountability and Transparency
Timesheet Manager


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The most basic role of an access control system is to keep out anyone who is not supposed to enter an area. Access control systems perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, biometric scans, personal identification numbers (PINs), and physical or electronic keys.
Yes. Outputs from a card access system can trigger inputs on a video surveillance system to trigger events such as recording, moving cameras to preset views, and calling up images on control room monitors.
A reader runs credentials. Usually it is a box next to your door, used in place of a traditional lock to a credential (which serves as the key). Readers are programmed to grant or deny access to each individual based on their specific credentials.
A credential is the item used by an individual to gain access through a specific entry point. Traditional credentials can come in the form of key cards, photo badges, key fobs, and cell phone tags. More advanced credential systems use your face, voice or fingerprints as your

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