Equature voice recording service

Equature provides organizations a full 360 degree view of all communications.

Equature voice recording service is a powerful Unified Communications Intelligence™ (UCI) platform that automatically captures and archives Email, Chat, Voice and Web interactions. The Equature ViewPoint web portal puts everything at your fingertips. Equature provides organizations a full 360 degree view of all communications.

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  • Captures email from the network – works with all available email servers running POP3 & SMTP
  • Captures email sent to/from a user that did not go through your email server
  • Captures Instant Messenger, AOL, ICQ and other chat messages
  • Captures traditional voice, VoIP and Web interactions
  • Captures screen data from users computers
  • Full text searching with context highlighting and relevance based search results
  • Full text search message bodies, headers, subjects and attachments for email and chat messages
  • Searches by phone number, dialed number, extension, user and duration for voice calls
  • Flexible filtering, book marking and exporting of records
  • Live Monitoring of voice calls and chat sessions
  • Call annotation and redaction tools
  • Performs Quality Assessments for training and quality improvement throughout the organization

Key Benefits

  • Automatically maintains your communications as business records
  • Substantially reduces your potential liability
  • Comply with SEC, NASD, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA regulations
  • Substantially lowers the cost of compliance by automating your processes
  • Monitors the quality of communications with your customers
  • Eliminates he/said she/said scenarios
  • Protects the integrity, accuracy, and authenticity of archived communications
  • Eliminates costly human errors in the archive and production processes
  • Ensures quick, reliable location and production of requested communications
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

Technical Overview

  • Supports “single sign-on” for Windows-authenticated users
  • Integrated with Active Directory and other LDAP directories
  • Cross-browser supported for unlimited user access
  • Supports VoIP protocols – SCCP, H323, SIP, MGCP and others
  • All major VoIP vendors supporting including Cisco, ShoreTel, Avaya, Siemens and Nortel
  • Traditional phone PBX’s supported for both Analog and Digital recording
  • Passive system design requiring no software/hardware on phone systems and email servers
  • Non-proprietary file storage for all communications
  • Data Encryption available within the system
  • Digital Dataprint™ on each record to ensure data integrity
  • Flexible archiving and mirroring available for redundancy
  • .NET and SQL 2005
  • Automatically adds new users, phones, email and chat addresses to directory
  • Flexible security throughout the system

Achieve Stratigic Objectives

  • Voice, email, chat and web communications capture
  • Advanced Speech Engine for voice analytics
  • Quality Assessment Engine
  • Screen Intelligence Engine
  • Flexible Integration
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

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